Club Personnel

Full list of personnel at the club:

Honorary President: Ollie Ralph
Chairman: Martin McLoughlin
Vice-Chairman: Gary Wilson
Management Committee: Martin McLoughlin, Eric Wilson, Artie Kavanagh, Pat McGrath, Gary Wilson, Andrew Boyd, Gerry Hillen, Stephen Beattie, Pat Craven, Miceal McParland, Jimmy Greer, Conor Grant, Paul Mulholland
Secretary: Gerry Hillen
Treasurer: Aaron Ruddy
Club P.R.O: Laura Hillen
Health & Safety Officer: Collin Johnston
Children & Vulnerable Adults Officer: Gerry Keenan
Groundsmen: Willie Young
Kit Woman: Dorothy Taylor
Hospitality Manager: Gerry Hillen
Fundraising Committee: Gary Wilson, Marty McParland, Ally McKenzie, Miceal McParland, Stephen Beattie
Website Contributors: Sean McKevitt, Laura Hillen, Shed Ender & Brendan Monaghan
Online Sales Manager: Stephen Beattie

1st Team Manager: Barry Gray
1st Team Coaches: Dermot McVeigh, Damien Hillen, Mickey Keenan & Damian McCorry

Club Physios: Sean Tierney, The Physio Group

NCAFC Academy Manager: Damien Hillen

U20 Team Manager: Niall McCann
U20 Team Coaches: Kyle Henning, Mark McCann

U18 Team Manager: Chris Craven
U18 Team Coaches: Jervis Og McCaul

U16 Team Manager: Gerry Spain
U16 Team Coaches: Ross Larkin

U15 Team Manager: Aaron McParland
U15 Team Coach: Miceal McParland, Adam O’Gorman

U14 Team Manager: Johnny Franks
U14 Team Coach:

U10 Team Manager: Richi Kehoe
U10 Team Coach: James Boyd

Special Olympics Club Manager: Esther King