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The UEFA and domestic club licensing system is a set of criteria to be fulfilled in order for clubs to be eligible to participate in domestic and UEFA club competitions.

Club licensing is the focal point for national associations in their strategic plans for club development and improved governance, as well as being embedded into how clubs operate and a fundamental consideration in the key decisions they take.

Further information including licensing criteria can be found here.

The most recent edition of the UEFA Club Licencing and Financial Fair Play Regulations contain a number of amendments regarding the publication of key financial information. As a result licence applicants are required to publish the following on their website:

  • last annual financial information assessed by the licensor; and
  • total amount paid to agents/intermediaries in the last reporting period.

The 2023 Financial Report can be found here. 

Newry City AFC incurred no agents’ fees in signing players during the financial year to 31/12/2023.