NCAFC presents ‘Last Man Standing’

We are delighted to announce that we are running a Last Man Standing competition starting Saturday 11th January 2014! It’s £10 to enter and the last person left in the competition wins the jackpot, which will be a minimum of £300.

What are the rules?

1. It’s simple, just pick the winner of one English Premier League match each week. If your selection wins you progress to the next week, lose or draw and you’re out.

2. Once a selection is made, you will not have the ability to change it.

3. You may not pick the same team to win more than once during the tournament. So for example if you pick Man United in Game Week 1 and they win, then you can’t pick them for the rest of the competition.

4. Should you forget to make your selection in any week, you will automatically be assigned the highest placed team in the league that you haven’t already selected.

5. In the event that any match involving a team you have selected is postponed or cancelled for any reason, you will continue to the next round. That team will no longer be available for selection in future game weeks.

6. Buy backs will be available for the first two weeks of the competition. This means if you are knocked out in the first or second week of the competition you can buy yourself back in for £10. After the 2nd game week this option will no longer be available.

How to enter?

Entry can be obtained from any member of the Newry City AFC board, coaching staff and also through various senior players and supporters.

We also accept paypal payments. If you would like to enter this way then email your name along with your selections for Week 1 and Week 2 from the fixtures below to We will then give you details on how to pay the £10.

Week 1 Fixtures (11th , 12th and 13th Jan):
Hull v Chelsea
Cardiff v West Ham
Everton v Norwich
Fulham v Sunderland
Southampton v West Brom
Tottenham v Crystal Palace
Man Utd v Swansea
Newcastle v Man City
Stoke v Liverpool
Aston Villa v Arsenal

Week 2 fixtures (18th , 19th and 20th Jan):
Sunderland v Southampton
Arsenal v Fulham
Crystal Palace v Stoke
Man City v Cardiff
Norwich v Hull
West Ham v Newcastle
Liverpool v Aston Villa
Swansea v Tottenham
Chelsea v Man Utd
West Brom v Everton