Meet the players: Cian Feehan

Name: Cian Feehan.

Age: 17.

Occupation: Still at School.

Previous Clubs: Lisburn Distillery, Cliftonville and Bessbrook.

Honours: Carnbane League and Mid Ulster League at various age groups. Player of the year with Bessbrook and Player of the Year & top goalscorer with Newry at underage level.  Competed in Dutch tournament with Bessbrook (Player of the tournament) and I also won it with Newry. Participated in Belfast invitational tournament with Newry.

Position: Anywhere in midfield.

Footballing Hero: Messi.

What are your interests outside of football? Gaelic football, snap-chatting and going out.

If you could take 3 celebrities to dinner who would they be and why? Messi because he is the greatest ever, Posh Spice because she could do with a good feed and finally Peter Griffin from Family Guy, he’s my hero.

What is the best ground you have played in? It would have to be Solitude or Norwich City’s youth academy pitch.

What would you like to achieve by the time you hang up your boots? To get Newry back into the top tier, where they belong.

Who is the joker of the team? Ian Curran.

Who is the best at training? David Anderson.

Who is the worst at training? Well there’s some people I never see at training like Mackle (Paul McElroy).

Who has the worst dress sense? Dash (The Reserve Team Manager Kevin Darcy).

One song that gets you pumped up for a match? 1000 miles – Vanessa Charlton.

Who is the best player you have ever played with? Ryan Quinn. (Currently with Portadown Reserves)

What one word would best describes you as a footballer? Many words cross my mind, such as “genius” or “wizard” but I’m going to go for LOYAL.

And finally…a word for the fans? Real.