Last Man Standing Round 2 results

Just 12 eliminated this week folks.

Round three fixtures will be sent out Thursday evening and must be returned by 8pm on Friday. Cheers.

No Name Round 1 Round 2
1 Paul McKenna Chelsea Arsenal
2 Conor Smyth Man City Arsenal
3 Jennifer Martin Hull Arsenal
4 Chris Fay Arsenal Chelsea
5 Chris Fay Liverpool Chelsea
6 Philip Wilson Arsenal Chelsea
7 Margo Wilson Aston Villa Chelsea
8 Patricia Heather Liverpool Chelsea
9 Aaron Kehoe Spurs Chelsea
10 Ian McDonald Arsenal Chelsea
11 Chris Coffey Arsenal Chelsea
12 Noel Quinn Arsenal Chelsea
13 Seamus Byrne Liverpool Chelsea
14 Gabriel Farrell Spurs Chelsea
15 Raime Woods Arsenal Chelsea
16 Camillus Fitzpatrick Arsenal Chelsea
17 Dorothy Taylor Arsenal Chelsea
18 Jim Hillen Arsenal Chelsea
19 Laura Hillen Liverpool Chelsea
20 Gerard Hillen Liverpool Chelsea
21 Paddy McGrath Arsenal Chelsea
22 Gareth Young Arsenal Chelsea
23 Shaun Cinnamond Arsenal Chelsea
24 C Davison Arsenal Chelsea
25 Caolan Gallgher Arsenal Chelsea
26 Jim O’Connor Arsenal Chelsea
27 Anthony Grimes Arsenal Chelsea
28 David O’Connor Liverpool Chelsea
29 John Fearon Liverpool Chelsea
30 Conor Murdock Liverpool Chelsea
31 Gary Redpath Arsenal Chelsea
32 John McDowel Arsenal Chelsea
33 Eric Wilson Arsenal Chelsea
34 Dara Taylor Arsenal Chelsea
35 Mickey Rocks Arsenal Chelsea
36 Emilie Wilson Aston Villa Chelsea
37 Valerie Edgar Liverpool Chelsea
38 Damien O’Hare Arsenal Chelsea
39 Gerard McKevitt Arsenal Chelsea
40 Artie Kavanagh Liverpool Chelsea
41 Joe Campbell Arsenal Chelsea
42 Roddy Campbell Arsenal Chelsea
43 Chris Johnston Arsenal Chelsea
44 Shane King Arsenal Chelsea
45 Mark Patton Arsenal Chelsea
46 Robert Toman Arsenal Chelsea
47 Mickey Keenan Liverpool Chelsea
48 Brendan McCann Liverpool Chelsea
49 Robbie Casey Liverpool Chelsea
50 Peter Murphy Liverpool Chelsea
51 Paddy Heaney Arsenal Chelsea
52 Gerry McKevitt Liverpool Chelsea
53 Shane Lundy Arsenal Chelsea
54 Kevin Taylor Arsenal Chelsea
55 Sean McMullan Arsenal Chelsea
56 Kevin Lyons Liverpool Chelsea
57 S Davison Arsenal Man City
58 Jim Campbell Arsenal Man City
59 Chris Fay Chelsea Spurs
60 Chris McMahon Chelsea Spurs
61 Teresa Lennnon Chelsea Spurs
62 Barry Johnston Arsenal Spurs
63 Gary Wilson Arsenal Spurs
64 Michael McCormack Arsenal Spurs
65 Tom O’Hanlon Liverpool Spurs
66 Conor McKeown Arsenal Spurs
67 Chris Fay Arsenal Swansea
68 Chris Fay Arsenal Swansea
69 Michelle McCormack Hull Swansea
70 Brian Collins Chelsea Swansea
71 Andrew Boyd Chelsea swansea
72 John Prentice Liverpool Swansea
73 Jonny Finnegan Spurs Swansea
74 Conor McEvoy Spurs Swansea
75 G Davison Liverpool Swansea
76 Marie Robertson Chelsea swansea
77 Eric Johnston Spurs Swansea
78 Julie McArdle Arsenal Swansea
79 Kevin Darcy Arsenal Swansea
80 Liam McLoughlin Spurs Swansea
81 Marty McParland Arsenal Swansea
82 Micky Mallon Man City Swansea
83 Conor Crilly Man City Swansea
84 Rachel McClymont Man City West Ham
85 Jason Finnegan Spurs Stoke
86 Christine O’Rourke Liverpool Aston Villa
87 Paul Farrell Arsenal Man Utd
88 Daniel Murphy Chelsea Man Utd
89 Paul Murtagh Chelsea Man Utd
90 Darren Lonergan Spurs Newcastle
91 Jason Rafferty Arsenal Newcastle
92 Chris McMahon Arsenal Southampton
93 Martin Walker Arsenal Southampton
94 David McGrath Chelsea Southampton