Fans in focus: Barry Traynor

Name: Barry Traynor

Age: 37

How long have you supported Newry? 12 years.

How did you come about supporting the club? I got involved in coaching at the club which led to becoming a supporter.

Your favourite ever player? Robbie Casey.

Favourite current player? It’s too difficult to pick just one current player. I’d go for Niall Crilly for his work rate & honesty, Chris McMahon for his leadership & tenacity, Keith Johnston for his goal scoring & movement and Jimmy Walker for his composure & vision. They all bring something different to the team.

Best memory supporting the club? Watching the lads have an amazing season last year.

Funniest moment supporting the club? It’s always funny hearing one of Niall Crilly’s jokes.

Favourite ground you’ve visited and why? Shamrock Park because when I coached the Under 18 team we always played well there and got a result.

How many games have you been to this season? I’ve only been to five games this season because I was away for most of September.

What is it you like most about following Newry? The people involved make the club what it is and it’s great seeing local lads playing every week and getting their chance.

Hopes for the future? That the ethos of the club doesn’t change no matter how successful it becomes and that the club continues to look after their players and coaches at all levels.