Newry Manager takes up Everton role

Photo: Darren Mullen (right) is pictured here with Everton FC’s chief scout for Ireland, Paul Hamilton.
Photo courtesy of Brendan Monaghan Photography.

Newry City AFC manager Darren Mullen has agreed to become a scout for English Premiership outfit Everton FC. Darren will join forces with Everton’s chief scout for Ireland Paul Hamilton in a bid to unearth young footballing talent in the Newry and Mourne and Mid Ulster area. Newry City fans can all breath a sigh of relief though as Darren told this new role will in no way affect his position at Newry, but will in fact help the club.

“This is a role that, although completely separate from my manager’s job at Newry, can only benefit the club long-term. After meeting with Paul Hamilton, Everton’s first team scout, it was agreed that I would become an extra set of eyes and ears in the Newry and Mid-Ulster area to determine whether there are any potential future Everton players, ” Darren said.

He continued: “I will advise Paul accordingly and it will then be his decision if a player goes over to Everton on trial. As part of this agreement I will travel over to Everton’s training ground Finch Farm next month to meet their coaching staff and see their coaching methods at first hand. This will be a great experience for me and will hopefully allow me to transfer what I will learn into what we are doing at Newry.”

Darren added, “It is also a great opportunity for any young player, whether they are a Newry player or not to have the chance to impress a representative from an English Premiership club. Whilst working to secure further success with Newry is my priority, this role is one to be embraced and I’m sure enjoyed.”



  1. Darren

    Delighted to read the press release. Congratulations. No doubt you will be able to feed young players into the system at the best club in England. Seamus Coleman is an obvious case in point. I think your track record at Newry speaks for itself.


    Chris McGimpsey
    Everton Supporters Club Northern Ireland.

  2. Very well done Darren on your new appointment as Everton scout, no doubt you will be working hard to find young talent in the future.

    William Hewitt
    Membership secretary

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