Fans in focus: Mo Ruddy

moruddyName: Mo Ruddy

Age: 25

How long have you supported Newry? I started going to games when I was 8, which would have been the 1997/98 season, so 17 years now.

How did you come about supporting the club? I tagged along with my cousins and a group of mates. Was hooked instantly and we still go every week.

Your favourite ever player? It’s difficult to choose. There have been many great players at the club while I have been supporting the team. Deserving a mention would be: Richard Clarke, Emmet Friars, Ray Byrne, and Dessie Gorman. Ollie Ralph would have been before my time but we all know how good he was. Being forced to choose I think I’ll have to go for Robbie Casey, he’d kill me if I didn’t!

Favourite current player? So many of the current squad have given their all from the beginning of last season. Another difficult question, but I’m going to pick someone who has a massive impact on a lot of games this season whether it be from the bench or from the start of a game. I think Mark Lowry has given nightmares to an awful lot of defenders across Mid Ulster this season.

Best memory supporting the club? Reaching the final of the CIS Cup in 2009 was pretty good but unfortunately we couldn’t go all the way. Deserving a mention would be the home game against Duisburg in the Inter-Toto Cup. But without a doubt it has to be representing the club on Soccer AM four years ago and scoring on the “Road To Wembley” game at the end. Not sure if I’ve ever told anyone that story.

Funniest moment supporting the club? This one is easy. Johnny Ferns, while slightly merry shall we say, taking part in the Carling Skills competition at half time away to Institute, making himself dizzy and ending up on his backside in the middle of the pitch. Priceless.

Favourite ground you’ve visited and why? Overall it would have to be either Old Trafford or the Municipal Stadium in Poznan. Locally without including our own Newry Showgrounds it has to be Mourneview Park. Glenavon have probably the most fitting ground for Irish League football. Excellent set up down there.

What is it you like most about following Newry? A lot of people just dont get “it”. The banter is brilliant, seeing the same faces week in, week out. The highs and lows you just dont get sitting on a bar stool. And you certainly wouldn’t get to share a pint or two with your favourite Premier League stars and managers. Local players, playing for the pride of the city!

Hopes for the future? Most certainly for Darren and the lads to bring more success back to the club. With a great manager and super bunch of players it would be great to move back up the footballing pyramid. We will take each challenge as it comes. No point in getting ahead of ourselves but another league title this season would be superb!