Fans in focus: Stephen Beattie

Name: Stephen Beattie

Age: 22

How long have you supported Newry? Almost 8 years now.

How did you come about supporting the club?
When I heard that Newry were playing on Sky Sports during the 07/08 season against Coleraine I decided to go down. I was instantly hooked and have been watching Newry home and away ever since!

Your favourite ever player?
It would have to be our captain from my early years supporting the club, Richard Clarke. Very notable mentions to Emmet Friars and Stephen Garrett also.

Favourite current player?
Based on what I have seen over the last year and a half it would come down to Jimmy Walker or Mark Lowry, the latter of whom has been very influential for Newry so far this season. The goals these two scored against Seapatrick last month were two of the best I’ve seen at the Showgrounds.

Best memory supporting the club?
Winning 3-2 away to Coleraine (09/10 Season) in the final minutes on my second trip up there within 3 days is a great memory! I also remember a Newry win on a cold afternoon at the Oval, fondly.

Funniest moment supporting the club?
If only I could accumulate all of Kevin Ruddy’s ‘slightly’ elaborate stories from the terraces! I also recall myself and a few friends spending an entire half time haggling with the late Tommy O’Hanlon over old Newry Town shirts in the club shop!

Favourite ground you’ve visited and why?
Purely for the atmosphere – Elland Road. In the Irish League I have always enjoyed going to Seaview – a compact stadium and you’re always close to the action.

What is it you like most about following Newry?
It is my hometown and a club that I can be undeniably linked with.

Hopes for the future?
To win Intermediate A and continue to progress up the Irish league ladder. (Playing against Warrenpoint competitively ASAP would be great)