Meet the players: Josh Durnin

Name: Josh Durnin

Age: 17

Occupation: Student

Position: Midfield

Previous Clubs: Lisdrum Celtic, Sunnyside and Bellurgan

Honours: Lisburn U14 League & U15 Cup winners. Top county with Armagh in the 2014 Milk Cup.

Footballing Hero: Paul Scholes

What is the best ground you have played in? Riada in Ballymoney

Who is the joker of the team? Ian Curran

Apart from yourself who is the best player on the team? Jimmy Walker

Who is the laziest player in the team? I wouldn’t say that anybody is lazy.

Your toughest opponent? Jordan Thompson – Manchester United u17s.

Who is the best player you have ever played with? Andrew Hoey, who I played with for the Armagh U17 team in the Milk Cup.

If u had a super power what would it be? To hit the ball like Ronaldo.

What is your goal at Newry? To help Newry win as many trophies as I can.