Last Man Standing Round 3 results

Apologies for the slight delay in posting round three results.

Week 3 of Newry City AFC’s Last Man Standing has thrown another shock to the remaining participants with Chelsea, Spurs and Everton all failing to win. Reigning Last Man Standing champion John Prentice has bowed out of this years competition, and he won’t be happy that it was the team he follows who let him down.

Moving on to round 4, we have just 12 people remaining in the competition and anything can happen from here on in, based on some of the results we have seen over the last few weeks. Of the 12 remaining, 50% have chosen Manchester United this week who take on Sunderland at Old Trafford. Stoke, West Ham, Southampton and West Brom making up the other selections.

Lauren Redpath is flying the flag for the female supporters of the club and is hoping for a Man United win to progress to the fifth round. While Patrick Higgins will be hoping that Southampton are able to get the three points against West Brom, whereas Chris Taylor will be hoping West Brom come out on top.

With only 12 people remaining, things are starting to get very interesting with a lot of top sides already ruled out for most people. Good luck to the remaining participants.

Below are people the remaining twelve people’s selections for round 4.

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
Martin McLoughlin Liverpool Chelsea Man City Stoke
Brian Elmore Arsenal Chelsea Man City Man Utd
Lauren Redpath Arsenal Chelsea Man City Man Utd
Paul Lyons Man Utd Southampton Arsenal West Ham
Patrick Higgins Arsenal Chelsea Man City Southampton
Mo Ruddy Arsenal Chelsea Man City Man Utd
Joe Bennett Spurs Chelsea Arsenal Man Utd
Eric Wilson Newcastle Chelsea Man City Man Utd
Philip Wilson Man Utd Chelsea Man City Stoke
Mickey Rocks Jr Stoke Chelsea Arsenal Man Utd
Kevin Taylor Arsenal Chelsea Man City West Ham
Chris Taylor Man Utd Chelsea Man City West Brom