Meet the players: Paddy Mooney

Name: Paddy Mooney

Age: 24

Occupation: Disability Worker

Position: Whatever position Darren tells me to play. I know I’m versatile but that man brings it to a whole new level! My preferred position is centre-half.

Previous Clubs: Warrenpoint Town

Honours: Milk cup, Umbro International cup, Championship play-off/Promotion to Premiership winner, Championship 2 & Mid Ulster Intermediate B

Footballing Hero: From a defensive point of view I would have to say John Terry. I picked up a pointer or two watching his game but as an all rounder it would have to be Frank Lampard.

What is the best ground you have played in? I’ve played on basically every pitch in the country but Windsor park under the lights is hard to beat.

Who is the joker of the team? Ian Curran without a doubt. I try to use a few of his one liners but I just can’t pull them out of the bag.

Apart from yourself who is the best player on the team? Uncle Mull (Mully), one of the best players I have ever played with. He always took me under his big wing and only for him I wouldn’t be playing football this season. Plus the fact he is in unstoppable form at present.

Who is the laziest player in the team? Decky Carville is in a world of his own most the time, he only runs when he feels like it. No offence Declan.

Who has the worst dress sense? Some of the slick shirts Tucker tries to pull off after games are horrendous. Sorry to bust your bubble kid.

Your toughest opponent? Hated playing against Crusaders at all ages especially away days.

Who is the best player you have ever played with? I couldn’t pick one so I have narrowed it down to two. The strike force of Keith Johnston and Mully back in the Warrenpoint days was the best combination I have seen. I know there isn’t much left in the two of them but to play alongside them week in week out is a great personal achievement.

What are your interests outside of football? My life in a nutshell at the minute is football, work/helping people with disabilities and fundraising in memory of my best friend Eamonn Morgan who tragically passed away. In case the missus reads this I enjoy spending time with her too!

What is your goal at Newry? I have been back and forward from Newry in the past but this time around I’m staying put. I want to put my stamp in this team and be one of the first names on the team sheet every week. My first objective is to win this league and be promoted to Championship 2. I believe there is the makings of a great team here and it can go places. But my main goal at Newry is to receive a nice cold pint of Guinness from my biggest fan Kevin Ruddy.

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  1. well Paddy this is Kevy’s Ma here and if you can get a pint out of him you are very lucky you will have achieved more than most which would mean he truly is your biggest fan.

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