Last Man Standing round 1 results

Newry City AFC last man standing competition for 2015 is finally underway and we began on Saturday past with 127 entrants. Reigning Last Man Standing champion John Prentice is eager to defend his title this time around and is safely through to this week’s second round having seen his pick Manchester United defeat Leicester City.

The first casualty of the competition was Jonny Lennon who took a risk on Hull to beat Newcastle. However Newcastle ran out easy winners in Saturdays early kick off.

Of the 127 entrants, 25 have already ploughed out of the competition with the biggest exodus backing Southampton to win. However the 18 participants who had chosen The Saints were let down and face an early exit.

With 25 people bowing out already after week 1, we are down to 102 people remaining. With some big teams chosen for weeks 1 and 2, and how unpredictable results have been in recent weeks, almost anything could happen from here.

People safely through to round 2
Name Round 1
Chris McMahon Arsenal
Brian Elmore Arsenal
Ian McDonald Arsenal
Noel Quinn Arsenal
Marie Robertson Arsenal
Jason Rafferty Arsenal
Peter Murphy Arsenal
Michael Higgins Arsenal
Lauren Redpath Arsenal
Kevin Darcy Arsenal
Ann Redpath Arsenal
Tony McCreanor Arsenal
Jim Campbell Arsenal
Neil McCullough Arsenal
Baz Feehan Arsenal
Kyle Blakely Arsenal
Gareth McCullough Arsenal
Patrick Higgins Arsenal
Mo Ruddy Arsenal
Kevin Ruddy Arsenal
Liam O ‘Hagan Arsenal
Martin Buchanon Arsenal
Decky Arsenal
Andy McGivern Arsenal
Jim Hagan Arsenal
Conor Murdogh Arsenal
Denise Leonard Arsenal
Jason Hamilton Arsenal
Chris Casey Arsenal
Seamus Hughes Arsenal
Stefan Duffy Arsenal
Aodhan McArdle Arsenal
Arty Kavanagh Arsenal
Tom King Arsenal
Jim Hillen Arsenal
Gerry Hillen Arsenal
Laura Hillen Arsenal
Martin McLoughlin Liverpool
Joe Campbell Liverpool
Sharon McEvoy Liverpool
Stephen McArdle (2) Liverpool
Anne O’Hanlon Liverpool
John Harland Liverpool
John Fern Liverpool
Sean McKevitt Man Utd
Gerry McKevitt Man Utd
Shaun Cinnamond Man Utd
Roddy Campbell Man Utd
Martin Walker Man Utd
Peter Woods Man Utd
Brian Collins Man Utd
Gerry McCoy Man Utd
David O’Connor Man Utd
Jim O’Connor Man Utd
Keith Johnston Man Utd
Chris Johnston Man Utd
Damian Murphy Man Utd
Andrew Boyd Man Utd
Jackie Redpath Man Utd
Gary Redpath Man Utd
Stephen McArdle Man Utd
Terry Diamond Man Utd
Tommy O’Hare Man Utd
Paul Lyons Man Utd
Stephen Moore Man Utd
Brendan McCann Man Utd
John Prentice Man Utd
Diarmuid Rocks Man Utd
Ciaran Horsfall Man Utd
Eimear Campbell Man Utd
Conor McCaul Man Utd
Mícheál Savage Man Utd
Declan McConville Man Utd
Tony McElroy Man Utd
Matthew Cregan Man Utd
Micheal McParland Man Utd
Darren Mullen Man Utd
Ray Byrne Man Utd
Eric Johnston Newcastle
Dorothy Taylor Newcastle
Jonny Irwin Newcastle
Willie Brown Spurs
Gary McGinn Spurs
Joe Bennett Spurs
Mickey McAlinden Spurs
Conor McEvoy Stoke
Paddy Heaney Stoke
Ricky McVeigh Stoke
Jimmy Walker Stoke
Shane King Stoke
Gary Chambers Stoke
Neil McAteer Stoke
Jake Redpath Stoke
Mickey Keenan Stoke
Aaron Irwin Stoke
Joe Finnegan Stoke
Seamus McParland Stoke
Marc Kelly Stoke
John Smyth Stoke
Barry Johnston Sunderland
Ciaran Loye Sunderland
Liam Murphy Sunderland
Name Round 1
Jonny Lennon Hull
Lisa Morrison Man City
TR O Gorman Palace
Ciaran Leonard Palace
Aaron McParland Palace
Raymond Mullen Palace
Bobby Johnston Southampton
Neil Heaney Southampton
Gary Fitzmaurice Southampton
Gerry Mc Southampton
Gabriel Farrell Southampton
Brian McSorley Southampton
John McDowell Southampton
Mark Rocks Southampton
Kevin Lyons Southampton
Teresa Lennon Southampton
Danny Cinnamond Southampton
Nicky McCaul Southampton
Gary Cregan Southampton
Tommy Canning Southampton
James Burns Southampton
Ciaran Bradley Southampton
Paddy McGrath Southampton
Martin McParland Southampton
Chris McAllister West Brom