Meet the Coaches: Denis McGuinness

Name: Denis McGuinness

Age: 41

What is your role at Newry? Newry U17s manager

What are your ambitions for the club? Love nothing more than being a part of getting the club back to where it should be.

How did you get into coaching? Was always into football and when my son started playing I was approached to help a local club in management.

Who is the most exciting talent in your team? Not prepared to single anyone in particular at the moment. One of my roles is to get players ready for reserves or first team and I certainly have one or two that I am confident will make the next step in the future.

Who has been the biggest influence on your coaching style? Massive fan of Kenny Dalglish, the way he treated players and other teams was always with the utmost respect.

Who was the best player you ever coached or managed? Too soon to judge as I have always been involved at youth levels and would rather judge a player after his full career in football.

If you could give any young player advice what would it be? Look, listen, learn but most of all enjoy.

If you could organise a friendly for your team against any other team in the world who would it be? Liverpool U17s, just so I could visit Melwood training ground and hopefully meet a few seniors while there #selfishiknow.

Other than Newry what team do you support? Liverpool FC

Do you have any nicknames? No but I’ve been called allot of different names in the past!

Who is your footballing hero? John Barnes

Favourite drink? Tea

Favourite food? Chinese, anything with peking sauce.

Favourite Film: Star Wars, all of them.

Favourite band: Iron Maiden

What are your interests outside football? Just sold my beloved Suzuki sv1000s motorbike, so have to say golf.

If you had a super power what would it be? Teleportation, would love to just get away every now and again to a tropical island and a bit of good weather would be nice.